From The Commander:
     I want to thank all the officers and employees for all their help. And I want to thank all the volunteer for their help on Thursday with all the food. A Big thank go out to the trustees for all the clean up on the old railroad track in back.  Jake Geiger Commander.
  From 1st Vice
     It's that time of year again, Dues notices are out. Don't delay get your dues paid so you won't forget them. Remember to be able to be an Early Bird you must pay your dues by Nov 11. If you have already sent your dues in Thank You. I willdo my best to have a quick turn around. Thank You 1st Vice Tom Dillon
  From 2nd Vice
     I hope all of you are enjoying the summer. I also hope you've had the opportunity to stop by for one of our dinners. So far we've had a very successful summer thanks to the sopport of our members. As you'll see by the calendar, we have a busy schedule set for the fall and through Thanksgiving. You'll notice we're trying some new things, particularly light dinners available on Sunday evenings.Don't forget to come out during the season and root on the Buckeyes as we will be tailgating before every game. The post will provide the meat dish and if enough people will bring along side dishes and snacks we should have a great time watching the game on the largest TV in town! If you've not seen our new projection TV, you're in for a treat. Saturday August 11 we are going to try a "Bring your Vinyl" night. We'll set up the turntable; you provide the music with your favorite stacks of wax from the past. If there is an activity you would like to have happen, please let me know. As always, thanks for your continuing support. 2nd Vice John Freeland
  From The Auxiliary President
     My name is Jodie Keels, as you all know i have been elected as the new President of the ladies auxiliary. This is a new experience for me and it also will be a learning one. I am looking forward to working with everyone in the upcoming year. We are woeking on some new things along with the Thursday dinners that will start back up in September. I hope we can all work together to make the post and all the units contained within great Thank, Jodie Keels
  From S.A.L Commander
     Thank to the officers that stayed in this year, and the new ones. Remember the next year's dues are coming up and you can be an early bird. Also don't forget our Saturday morning breakfast, all you can eat and only $5.00. Breakfast is open to the public so come join us for fun and good food. Please remember our Veterans for their sacrifice to our country. Respectfully Jim Stoltz
  From Finance Officer
     Letter of thanks from the finance officer, On June 29 the Lancaster area experienced a storm with up to 90 mph winds. The post 11 was the only club with power. I would like to thank Georgie, Debbie, Angela, Kelly, Christina & Mike. For the outstanding job they did during the power outage, The club is very proud and thankful to have all of you. Thank Again, Mark Geiger
                                        Another Comrade has been called to a higher Command:
        Joseph Conrad          24 May 2012                                 John Copeland             26 May 2012
        Clement Konkler           2 June 2012                                Anthony Riecky            23 June 2012
        Buddy Lewis              24 June 2012                                Paul Wildermuth Sr       24 June 2012
        Wayne Redd              25 June 2012                                George Bowes                7 Jule 2012
        James Marcum            9 July   2012                                Carl F Richards             11 July 2012
        Paul Claek                  14 July 2012                                Albeatus Muckensturm   21 July 2012