American Legion Post 11

Memberships per War

Commander: Dick  Huffine          1st Vice: Pat Keels            2nd Vice: Ned Young

3rd Vice: Lewis Woodard               Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Jim  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young



   Fellow Legionaires ; It certainly is an honor for me to be elected to serve as post 11 commander again. I have been able to renew old friendships and make many new acquaintances. I am very fortunate to be surrounded with excellent officers, e-board members, employees and many willing volunteers. With the present officer, staff and volunteers, post 11 can do nothing but be the best. This is first issue re-starting our newsletter. It is the post's leadership's responsibility to communicate with and keep all post 11 members informed of happenings, progress and up-coming events. Special thanks goes out to sal for their financial assistance in the parking lot expense as well as helping post 11 with an outstanding debt. The Ladies Auxiliar donated money to pay for our new key cards which saved post 11 expense in these lean times. Lew Kessler has donated his time and hard work during the past three months to the facilities at post 11. His generosity and help has helped post 11 with less payroll expense during the last three months. The post thanks Randy Groff for donating the Green hornet motor bike to post 11. Because of his generosity, post 11 gained $1000.00 in the general fun toward outstanding financial issues. I wish to thank Ron Tipple for his many years of sevice and the fine job he has always done for post 11. We all wish him a happy retirement. Our post's business is doing well and we are very fortunate to have so many members, family and friends attending our functions. All officers and trustees are fine tuning things to continue improving business and be able to provide more functions. I personally want to thank each of you for your support of our post. The second Monday of each month is our post 11 meting. The attendance at the post meetings is not as great as it should be. I wish to invite each and every member to attend our post meeting if they possibly. This will not only inform you Better of our post activities, but will allow you to give us input to help us serve you better. Sincerely your, Richard "Dick " Huffine Post Commander 


1st Vice

  Dear Comrades; Due to the rising cost of key card, we regret to inform you that should you lose your enclosed card, a five dollar charge will be required for replacement. Also, this card is not usable until after January 1 2015, please keep it in a safe place. Continue to use your yellow card until that time. Sincerely your, Mr. Patrick Keels 1st vice of post 11

2nd Vice                                           

  Greetings I hope everyone is having a nice summer. Your smiling face is always nice to see at the post we have lot of good things planned for this summer and fall. With good dinner, And music at various times I would like to thank Randy Groff and his family for the donation of the motor scooter which we raffled off. and will help pay the bills. have a nice summer, 2nd vice Ned Young


3rd Vice Here is AUG & Sep Newsletter, and I hope everyone is having a nice summer. We are asking business if they would like to take an ad out in our newsletter, the cost is $30.00 for the year. This helps us with the newsletter cost. I want to thank all the one who has an ad in our newsletter. If you want to help out with the newsletter, please let me know. 3rd vice Lewis Woodard




 SAL Commander


Ladies Auxiliary  Hello Everyone, It has been a while sine we printed up newsletters to be sent out to the members and I think it is great that we can do this so everyone can see what is going on at the post. We have had so many ask for this to be started up again and I hope we can keep it going. The Ladies of the Auxiliary are not going to be very busy in the month of august. The only thing need to be brought up is that Dues will be due starting that month. In that vein need to let you know that the amount of the dues are going to be going up. This is because of the rising cost at the national level, so as of this August our dues will be $25.00 a year. Also we will be getting new key cards, These card will be pink and the only thing you need to remember about these cards is that they will not work in the door until January 2015 so don't get rid of your Yellow card and hang on to your pink card until January. Also starting in January if you lose your key card it will cost $5.00 to get a new one. In September we will be starting our Shredded Chicken Sandwiches again the 1st Thursdays of the month. Also we will planning for the fall conference which we will be hosting on October 12th. Enjoy the rest of summer, Thank you, Jodie Keels Auxiliary President                                                   


 Social Room News  Please welcome two new staff members, Kaleigh and Tracy. We appreciate everyone's patience while we are getting them trained. We would like feedback on Thursday night dinners. We are working with Ned to keep something light and affordable through the summer on Thursday nights, since the kitchen being closed is an inconvenience. Please check the board and see what activities are going on through the week. We would love to see you here, Georgia


                                              Another Comrade has been called to a higher Command

  Eugene  Snyder  Army 4 Aug 2014                   Paul E Gilpin jr  Army 22 July 2014                                       


  Ronald Hussey   Navy  5 Aug 2014                   Donald   Green             10 Aug 2014                                            


 Boyd Ray Cottrill Navy  12 Aug 2014                James Sears Army        9 Aug 2014   

Roderick E Devore          26 May 2014              Jonas E Morgan  Marine 18 Aug 2014                                                             

 Richard E Waugh Navy  27 Aug 2014               Ronald E Tipple  Army    3 Sep 2014


  Louis R Lyendecker Army 12 Sep 2014