Commander: Lewis Woodard         1st Vice: John Freeland           2nd Vice: Steve Carper

3rd Vice: Mike Bratton              Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Mike  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young                                                                                                                                            

Social room note to members: When someone comes to any door without a key card, Please help us, and let the bartender or an officer answer the door. This will eliminate any problems or drama Thanks


FROM THE COMMANDER:  Fellow Legionnaires:  I hope everyone has a very good Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Hoping for a good 2018 at the post.  I want to thank Steve Carper and all the volunteers in the kitchen, as well as the bartenders for the good work they are doing.

FROM 1st VICE: We continue to do well keeping our 2018 dues coming in.  Thank you for all your cooperation.  Due to problems at the Ohio Department, many of you were included in a second mailing of invoices by the National organization.  Unfortunately, the State had not processed the dues received up to that point and some of you sent in a second payment. I believe I have identified those and will issue refund checks  Sorry about the inconvenience.  If you already paid, please disregard any future mailings regarding dues.  Hope everyone has a happy and safe Holiday season.

FROM 2nd VICE:  I hope everyone had a great summer.  That being said, we are looking forward to a great winter and holiday season.  Thank you to everyone for all the volunteer work, we all do, what we do for the good of this great American Legion, and for no other reason.  Happy Holidays.

.FROM 3rd Vice: 2017 has been, for me, a very interesting and at times a frustrating year.  I personally would like to see more members attend our monthly membership meetings to see what we, at Post 11 are trying to accomplish.  We have a lot of good members and volunteers and we value your input.  The monthly meetings are the place to provide input and ask questions, (always the second Monday of the month).  As you remember your time in the service of your country, what was said about RUMORS & SUTTLEBUTT, (civilians call it gossip).  Pleas come to the meeting and be informed.  By the way, the information for the Feb-Mar newsletter will be due Monday, January 8th.  Happy Holidays!-Thanks in Advance                                                                      

FROM FINANCE OFFICER:  The finances at the post are doing well.  I would like to thank John Hansley & Georgia for keeping good records.  The fund raiser for the new LED sign has been a success.  Over 100 members, friends, and vendors have raised $11,350.00.  The new sign will be up by Christmas  Thank you everybody that made this happen.  There will be a thank you party at the Legion on Saturday, December 2nd for anyone that donated or helped.  It will be from 5:30 to close with free pizza and a DJ.  Thank you .

 FROM AUXILLARY PRESIDENT: Hi everyone.  Well, time sure is flying by.  Summer just ended and now we are getting ready for the Holiday season.  Soon we will be saying HELLO to 2018.  December is a busy month for all of us so this is just a reminder to those who haven't paid their dues to please do so.  We are doing a great job of being on our way to GOAL UNIT again this year.  Also we have quite a few new members.  WELCOME to all of you.  We will be going to the V.A. HOSPITAL in Chillicothe on Dec 21 for the Christmas party for our veterans there.  If you would like to go and help, just find Tammy or myself and we can get you set up to go.  And finally, please remember to enjoy the holidays and try your best to treat everyone you meet the way you would want to be treated.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS -Jody Keels,Auxiliary President

FROM THE SOCIAL ROOM: We have a lot of exciting things coming up.  December 2nd we will have a party in the social room for all the volunteers and people that donated to the sign with free pizza and entertainment.  We will have the $500 drawing on  December 23rd instead of December 22nd due to Christmas Eve.  Christmas Eve we will have Tom & Jerry's from 2-5 and the post will close at 6PM.  New Years Eve details will be on the board in the social room.  There will be free pork and sauerkraut all day on New Years day.  We are getting really crowded on drawing nights so you might want to come a little earlier to get a seat.  Thanks to all our volunteers and staff for doing a wonderful job keeping up with the increase in business.




  JACK KIMBERLAND               THOMAS KUHN               RON MOORE