Commander: Dick  Huffine          1st Vice: Pat Keels            2nd Vice: Ned Young

3rd Vice: Lewis Woodard               Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Jim  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young


Commander: Fellow Legionnaires; With winter (brr) approaching and Christmas growing near, Iam happy to report that the Post is doing well. I have a special Christmas gift announcement which I shall be making at the next meeting at 6:00 P.M. on December 8th, 2014. Please plan to attend the meeting. As commander, I personally want to wish all Post 11 Legionnaires and their families a very Merry Christmas! Commander Dick Huffine                                                                                                                                                          

1st Vice:  

2nd Vice: Dear members we are starting into our Holiday season, please check your calendard for coming events. Every Thursday will be some kind of food, Tom & Jerry's will be December 24th Christmas Eve. It will be from 2:00PM till 5:00PM, Post will be closed December 25th,Christmas day. Them on New Year's Eve, there will be a Dinner & Dance. Prime Rib and all the food that goes with it, you will need to make your reservations and pay for your table before hand. This does not mean you have to pay for the whole table, if you are just one couple. Just pay to sit at that table. New Year's day will be pork and sauerkraut. And foot ball game on the big screen,The Michigan game will be a pizza party and that game will also be on the big screen Merry Christmas Ned Yound 2nd vice                                                                                                              

SAL Commander                                                                                                                                                    

Ladies Auxiliary:                                  What is a Veteran                                                                          

A veteran is a person who loves his country a lot, And he's willing to defend it, with everything he's got.

A veteran has to be brave, his courage is over the top. Until his battle is over, a veteran will never stop.

A veteran is very loyal to all his comrades and such, Side by side together, they've had to endure so much.

A veteran honors his flag and all that it represents.If anyone tries to harm it, he'll spring to its defense.

A veteran values freedom and all across this land, Soldiers have fought to preserve it, together marching hand in hand.

A veteran is my hero for all they've done for me. Because of them I'm happy and live my life so free.

So today we all say thank you to the veterans in our hometown, We'll always be so grateful that you never let us down. Thank- you                                                                                                                                  

Social Room News; Thanks to Kelly for getting all the new people trained so well.They are all still learning so thanks for everyones patience. We have a lot of great functions coming up for holidays they will be posted at bar.Thanks to Sandy for helping with dinners, and catering at the same time. Any suggestions for functions, bands, etc Ned could always use ideas and volunteers. Happy Holidays Gerorgia







  Eugene  Snyder  Army 4 Aug 2014                   Paul E Gilpin jr  Army 22 July 2014                                       


  Ronald Hussey   Navy  5 Aug 2014                   Donald   Green             10 Aug 2014                                            


 Boyd Ray Cottrill Navy  12 Aug 2014                James Sears Army        9 Aug 2014   

Roderick E Devore          26 May 2014              Jonas E Morgan  Marine 18 Aug 2014                                                             

 Richard E Waugh Navy  27 Aug 2014               Ronald E Tipple  Army    3 Sep 2014


  Louis R Lyendecker Army 12 Sep 2014           Gordon L Poulson Army    8 Oct 2014                                      


  Michael Smith                    1 Nov  2  014          Mark O Curry         Army  20Nov 2014