Commander: Dick  Huffine          1st Vice: Pat Keels            2nd Vice: Steve Carper

3rd Vice: Lewis Woodard               Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Jim  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young


Commander: Fellow Legionnaires; Our post has progressed a lot in the past year and several months! I keep thanking the officers, employees and fellow Legionaires for this, because that is exactly where the credit for our success belongs! As a commander, I have not made one decision by myself concerning Post 11 operations. All operational decisions are made by the Executive Board which consists of very talented and business-smart people. The commander does not even have a vote on issues unless there is a tie. There have been no ties since I was elected commander. Again, I thank you all for our success!! I personally want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an extremely up-coming prosperous New Year!! .Commander Dick Huffine

From 1st Vice:I want to thank all of you that have already paid your dues for 2016.This is a reminder that dues will be going up January 1st, we will be raising our dues by 5 dollars. To avoid the extra you need to have your dues paid, no later than December 31st, after that date they will be $35.00 dollars. Patrick Keels 1st vice 

From 2nd Vice: Thanks again for everybody's help. We are continuing to build membership; also, we will attempt to have some kind of entertainment on the last Saturday of the month. also, we could use some in-put on doing simulated hores races and also doing a crab race night. If anybody knows anything about this please let me know. Thank again for everybody's hard work and also hope everyone has a Happy Holiday. Thanks, 2nd vice Steve Carper

FROM 3rd Vice : If you know of someone who is not getting the News Letter, please get their Name and

address for me. We do have a website and can get all newsletter and dinner updates from there, go to american If you also know someone who lives out of state they can go to the web site.please email me at if you like the website  Thank you Lewis Woodard 3rd Vice

FROM AUXILIARY PRESIDENT: Hi Everyone: Well ,the Holiday Season is right around the corner and I hope you will make it an enjoyable one for you and your Families. Not much going on just the regular 2nd Thursday dinners and our meeting on the 3rd Monday of month. Also, in January is the Mid Winter Conference. We will hopefully bring back a lot of useful information for our Auxiliary. Please remember to pay your dues if you haven't already and if you have THANK YOU! Again have a wonderful Holiday Season! Jodie Keels President

FROM S.A.L:             




     Harold E Blank  15 Sep 2015         LEO   SNYDER   21 SEP 2015      JOHN R JENKINS 10 OCT 2015


     John  F. " Jack" Sheets  19 Oct 2015    ERVIL A CHRYSLER 29 OCT 2015

     RICHARD L. BORIS 31 OCT 2015      RICHARD E SCHLEICH 6 NOV 2015                   


    ROBERT  McMULLEN 31 OCT 2015    CARL E DEEDS 18 NOV 2015