Commander: Dick  Huffine          1st Vice: Pat Keels            2nd Vice: Steve Carper

3rd Vice: Lewis Woodard               Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Jim  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young


Commander: Fellow Legionnaires. It is Summer and everyone is involved in outdoor activities and vacations. "It's great not to worry about shoveling snow!" The post is solvent financially and continues to do well-thanks to the support of you fellow legionaires. The Executive Board has voted to sell the phone booth which was moved from our old  post on the hill. All members have the first opportunity to purchase this item which is to be sold to the highest bidder. If you want to bid on the phone booth, place your bibs in an envelope marked "finance officer" and leave it at the Post. The phone booth will be put on the open market if nobody responds by September 15, 2016. In closing, I continue to thank everybody for their support of our post and also thank the employees and officers for their professionalism. Commander  Dick Huffine 

From 1st Vic: To all legionaries we are starting another year and and your membership are now due, we missed quota last year by ten people. Let's see if we can do better this year. Thank Pat Keels 1st vice

From 2nd Vice:    , 2nd vice Steve Carper

FROM 3rd Vice : For the ones who bought Bricks they are in by the flad pole they look good. We are still selling them, get your order form from the bartender. The cost is only $30.00, And thank you who bought them. Lewis Woodard 3rd Vice

FROM AUXILIARY PRESIDENT:  Good Day Ladies, Well Summer is rolling right along! I hope everyone is enjoying it. During the Summer we do have some things that we celebrate and have fun doing. We had the Memorial Day Parade, Hog Roast, Summer Convention in Independence, Ohio. It was very informative and fun. The New State officers this year I think will do a GREAT job. So Ladies as the new year begins let us be reminded of who we are and what we do. We are the Ladies Auxiliary, what does that mean. We are our own entity. That being said We need to remember that we are guest of the Legionaires and that we need to be ever mindful of what we say and do inside the club. It is not our place to be overly vocal on the rules and regulations of the club that are set down by the Legionaires and we need to respect them. Yes we may not always agree with the rules but that's the way it is. And please don't think that the Men don't appreciate what we do at the club because we are told all the time what a good job we are doing and thanked for all the help we provide. I hope that I have not angered anyone by the words in this message but every once in a while we all need to be reminded of some things. Have a wonderful rest of the Summer and we will see everyone in September with Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Chips. Respectfully, Jodie Keels Auxiliary President

FROM S.A.L:To all S.A.L we are starting another year and your membership are now due, we missed quota last year by ten people. Let's see if we can do better this year. Thank           

FROM THE SOCIAL ROOM: August 20th will be the Corn Roast this year. It will be good food and entertainment. Our Friday night bingo has really been picking up we are getting great crowds. Thank you to Steve and bar staff for working so hard with that. Please check out our Face book Ryan Shumaker has put a lot of time making sure functions and pictures are getting posted. It looks really great! Our regular dinners will resume in September. Thank you to all the staff and members that continue to support our club!    Georgia





     DONALD E NUGEN                    5 APR 2016             RICHARD O EVENER         15 APR 2016            

     PEARL  DEAN                           30 MAR 2016           CHARLES T LUNSFORD       5 MAY 2016                   
     FREDERICK L VEVERKA         16 MAY 2016           THOMAS F GILL                   20 MAY 2016                 

     HAROLD E SHULL                      6 MAY 2016            LOUIS J. SANDOR                4 JUNE 2016               

     PHILLIP T. POOL                         8 JUNE 2016          JAMES E. CALHOUN          20 JUNE 2016                

     HOWARD E. ARTER SR            11 JUNE 2016          NEAL W. BURDETTE          28 JUNE 2016                

     JAMES V. DOUD                         30 JUNE 2016         RICHARD E.McQUISTON   30 JUNE 2016              

    RICHARD M. "DICK" SIMOND     17 JULY 2016          MICHAEL YAKUBIK             23 JULY 2016               

    KENNETH L BROTHERTON        18 AUG 2016