Commander: Dick  Huffine          1st Vice: Pat Keels            2nd Vice: Steve Carper

3rd Vice: Lewis Woodard               Adjutant: Ed Effinger           Finance: Jim  Bowes

Chaplain: Ned Young


Commander: Fellow Legionnaires. The post is doing well activitywise and businesswise. We have the best staff of officers and employees that is attainable. Our members support for our post is unsurpassed! I personally thank all of you for your support! In the last newsletter, I said the phone booth fromon the hill is for sale to members, and we need to know if anyone is interested. If we don't receive an acceptable bid ( E- board minimum or above) we shall offer the phone booth for sale to the pubic. Please leave your bids in a sealed envelope marked phone booth with the personnel at the bar. We are looking for a bookkeeper in the near future. We wish to offer this part time paid position to a member before going public with a help wanted ad. Our intent is to have the new bookkeeper spend ample time with our present bookkeeper - Richard Turner- for on the job training before he goes to Florida. Anyone who is interested in this position may please leave their name and phone number in a sealed envelope with the bar personnel so we may get a formal application to you.  Commander  Dick Huffine 

From 1st Vic: It has been brought to my attention that some of you have been paying your dues online, that ok but a select few have been signed to Dept and not Post 11. I have told new members to pay their dues at the Post to avoid any confusion, it becomes a big problem to get this mess cleaned up so I request that you come in to the Post and pay your dues or send them in. I have been working hard to get you your card back to you in a timely manner. Thank You . Thank Patrick Keels 1st vice

From 2nd Vice:    , 2nd vice Steve Carper

FROM 3rd Vice : For the ones who bought Bricks they are in by the flad pole they look good. We are still selling them, get your order form from the bartender. The cost is only $30.00, And thank you who bought them. Lewis Woodard 3rd Vice

FROM AUXILIARY PRESIDENT:Hello Ladies, Well fall is now upon us Summer seems to get shorter each year. Next thing you know it will be 2017. Not a lot to report this time around, we have School of Instruction coming up on October 16th, we are still doing our Pulled Pork Sandwiches on the 2nd Thursday of the month if you would like to help just let me know.The next thing is Dues are now due if you want you can pay them to the Bartenders and they will get it to Tammy. If you pay by Veterans Day you will be eligible to attend the Early Bird Dinner.Thanks again Ladies for being you!   Jodie Keels Auxiliary President

FROM S.A.L:To all S.A.L we are starting another year and your membership are now due, we missed quota last year by ten people. Let's see if we can do better this year. Thank           

FROM THE SOCIAL ROOM:We had a great couple of months for Aug & Sept. Thanks to all the volunteers for the corn roast! Its a lot of work but so much fun for our members.October look forward to our Haloween party sat 29th. come dressed up we will have prizes!!  November we have food on November 11th after the parade thank you to all veterans for your service! and the post will closed on Thanksgiving. Thank You  Georgia                                                                                                             

FROM FINANCE OFFICE: Jim Bowes We would like to give a big THANK YOU to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes from St .Marys  middle school for the, help decorating the veterans graves at Forest Rose cemetery  also would like to thank Tom and Janet Bell, Rosie Markwood, Tom and Stephanie Freeland, Mike Kauffman and Mike Dieble could not do it without you. Thank You, Jim Bowes



    RICHARD M. "DICK" SIMOND     17 JULY 2016          MICHAEL YAKUBIK             23 JULY 2016               

    KENNETH L BROTHERTON        18 AUG 2016           RALPH W ALTEN                16 SEP 2016                 

    JERRY H FAHRER                        16 SEP 2016          EDWARD H KONKLER        23 SEP 2016                 

    OWEN E CLARK                            24 SEP 2016         ROBERT E FRENCH              3 OCT 2016               

    DALE B SPAUN                                4 OCT 2016